Tony Panepinto

Inducted Class of 1998

Tony Panepinto embodies the true spirit of volunteerism. A former professional boxer (known as Tony Pinto), he began his boxing career at the age of 9. He has coached boxing for more than 30 years. His boxing programs (coordinated on a volunteer basis) have included involvement with the Police Athletic League, the New Pasqua Yaqui Indian Reservation, and the University of Arizona Boxing Club, for which he serves as volunteer coach.

He has extensive experience working with young adults in his boxing programs and has encouraged kids to say “no” to drugs, alcohol and gangs. His expertise, superior coaching ability and love for the sport has enabled him to serve as host for the NCBA Western Regional Boxing Tournament and attend a boxing seminar in Cuba, sponsored by the National Collegiate Boxing Association. Under his leadership, the UA Boxing Club has had six boxers advance to regional championships in the past few years, in addition to ten others who competed in Regionals and two who advanced to Nationals, all this from a club that was virtually unknown.