Jack Shettelsworth

Inducted Class of 2000

Jack Shettlesworth was selected for his many contributions to helping young people in Tucson.

Born and educated in Missouri, he played football and participated in track while in high school, but his first love is basketball. He is a contributor to the University of Arizona and the University of Missouri President’s Club, Designated Hitter and Scholarship Funds. Jack is a personal friend to the former football coach and athletic director at the University of Missouri, Don Faurot. Jack served in the United States Navy (1963-65), serving aboard the U.S. Destroyer Koiner-DD 331, and toured Viet Nam as a Lieutenant.

Relocating in Tucson, Jack opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in 1967. He presently has nine stores and is in partnership with two Arby’s. Before coming to Tucson, Jack worked in advertising. His hobbies include fishing, boating and golf (but only to support the LPGA when it comes to town).