Ramon Camacho

Inducted Class of 2001

Ramon is well known for his volunteer contributions to the Tucson community. Many organizations have benefited from his participation. Among these are: Catholic Youth Organization (coached softball for the All Saints Parish); City Recreation Softball League (managed softball teams for five years); Little League (managed league for eight and a half years); Boys Club of Tucson (managed team for two years); Tucson Women’s Bowling Association (kept score for the City and State tournaments and Women’s Classic League); Tucson Bowling Association (has been director for several years with the local association, and has served as president, vice president, secretary-treasurer of local bowling leagues for many years).

Ramon has worked at the control counter for 32 years, when the professional bowlers are in Tucson in July. In the 1950s, he worked with the boys at Oury Park in football, basketball and softball including transporting them to the games. He also taught children to bowl as a certified instructor in elementary school bowling programs. He was instrumental in the building of handicap ramps for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which resulted in the forming og handicap bowling leagues in Tucson.

At present, Ramon serves as treasure of the Old Pueblo Seniors Baseball Club.