Sue Clark

Inducted Class of 2000

As the girl’s tennis team coach at Tucson High School for 14 years (1959-1972) Sue attained an enviable record. 213 consecutive varsity wins, 0 losses (a national record) in 1972; Junior Varsity – 159 wins, 3 losses; freshman tennis 100 wins, 4 losses. Her teams won 14 consecutive Divisional Championships, 11 State Championships, 1 State Co-Championship.

In 1967, Sue was named Arizona Daily Star Coach of the Year. In 1972, she received the Arizona State Coaches Association Certificate of Merit Award, and the outstanding Achievement Award from the Arizona Daily Star.

From 1975 through 1988, Sue received numerous other accolades including Class AAA Conference of the State of Arizona Lifetime Award, Copper Letter, and Outstanding Citizen of Tucson Award and a T.U.S.D. Mainstream Teacher of the Year Award.