Benefits Sports Club

Inducted Class of 2002

The group was formed in 1958 to boost sports in the Old Pueblo. As a means for raising funds for this purpose, the 40-60 Baseball Team was formed. The club was supported solely by admissions taken at games played by this team. The organization helped sell tickets to Tucson Cowboys baseball games, made a donation to the Arizona Daily Star’s Sportsman’s Fund, and raised money to buy uniforms and balls for a team in the city recreational baseball league.

The Benefit Sports Club was ready to help anyone. Through the sponsorship of dances it was able to help a family whose home burned down. The first officers were: Fred Moreno, Gilbert Carrillo, Pete Pellon, Marcus Ronquillo, Gil Bravo, Aggie Aguilar, Luis Guiterrez, Charley Pellon, Florentino Arcinega, Al Mills, Art Ortiz, and Joe Valenzuela.

This endeavor and spirit continued for many years.